Production Enhancement Methods

The radial and lateral bore holes provide an entrance into the formation which allows enhancement methods to be provided.

Schellstede LLC will evaluate the well information and first determine if the services offered to the customer will increase production. If the well information appears to place a specific well as a candidate for the Schellstede service, a formal proposal will be submitted to the customer. The proposal will define the apparent enhancement procedure which will include the following:



  • Radial or lateral technology to be employed.
  • Extension from primary bore hole.
  • Size of bore hole.
  • Direction and number of bore holes
  • Under balance drilling procedure.
  • Surface formation testing results.
  • Type of completion fluid.
  • Small radial specific fracking procedure.
  • Chemical treatment of bore hole.
  • Populant backing of the lateral bore hole.
  • Bore hole location.