Schellstede LLC have developed radial and lateral drilling systems during the past twenty-nine years. The following is a historical record  on teh outstanding milestones of the development.

Date                Description


1983                Development of the first 10' Extension tool


1985                Formation of Penetrators, Inc. (Operating company ((Working company
 10' Extension tools)


1987                Development of Hydrofile (Jet cutting tools for offshore platform removal)


1989                Development of first Extended Reach Lateral Tool


1989                Construction of Excalibur tools (500' of extension systems)


1991                Development of Milling Methods


1992                Lateral drilling system (Operation in wells of North and South Dakota,
                         Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Oklalahoma, Tennesee, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico
                         and Alaska)


1995                Development of Bore Hole Guidance System


1998                Development of Special Setting Tool and employment of Special Casing Cutting Materials


2000                Development of Special Alloy Material for Extension Tubes and Special Long Lasting
                         Jetting Nozzle


2001                Development of Downhole Robotic Control System


2011                Development of Production Enhancement Programs